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   BONDrumours.com is a new internet service run by experienced capital markets journalists to keep syndicate, origination, traders and sales staff up to date on forthcoming new issues in the global and eurobond primary markets. It is the only website to exclusively offer this information.

   BONDrumours.com staff will do their utmost to provide a timely service to help make decisions on new global and eurobond bond issues easier for banking and institutional staff. Those morning meetings need never be the same again as information from BONDrumours.com can help remind you of the new issues due in the markets. Many more enhancements are being worked on to provide a fuller service in the future.

   BONDrumours.com will be on free trial for one month. Details on how to subscribe following the trial period will be posted to all users after the first month from the date of their initial login. If you would like a free trial please go to Login and follow the instructions there. It will only take a moment and any user can choose just what type of bond rumour they wish to see from a selection of "All Rumours", "Investment Grade", "Emerging Markets" (investment grade or high yield) and "High Yield".

    This service will be available Monday to Friday every week except for certain Bank Holidays. Any information on these pages is not investment advice nor a recommendation to buy or sell. (see Legal)

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