Legal terms and conditions on the use of this website

The Service Provider will provide to the Subscriber the Information, which the Subscriber has indicated a desire to receive, subject to the following terms and conditions.


"Service Provider" is Limited, an internet based live information provider for the financial markets.

Under the terms and conditions of using the Information via the internet or emails the "Subscriber" is any individual or company that has access to the Information of the Service Provider for the purpose of receiving news. In the case of a company, the company is the Subscriber and will be liable to maintain the terms and conditions and to take responsibility for any actions by its employees who are either permitted "Users" by the Service Provider or not permitted to access the service and who are in breach of these terms and conditions.

"Global Contract" is where the Subscriber as a company pays a set fee for an unlimited number of

Users within its company globally to have access to the Information.

"Information" is the data and news that is created by the Service Provider and for which the Service

Provider retains all copyrights except where stated in this agreement.

"Internet service" referred to in this agreement is any web site that belongs to Limited or its proprietor.

"Email Service" and Desktop Window" are the optional ways of receiving the service generated from the Service Provider's internet service.

Subscribers which are paying for a Global Contract are allowed to receive unlimited emails of the Information for use within the Subscribing company only or to clients on occasion, as well as receiving access to the internet site and utilising the Desktop Window. For all other paying Subscribers the Service Provider reserves the right to withhold or suspend the receipt of the email service to such Subscribers if the Service Provider in its sole and reasonable judgement, is confident that the emails risk being forwarded or/and are already being forwarded. In such circumstances access to the website and Desktop Window will not be terminated. For all those Users under Free Trial the Service Provider reserves the right to terminate all access to the Information at any time and without explanation.

The Information will be available via the internet and via any other resource which the Service deems fit to utilise.

Subscribers and those Users on free trial shall not copy, print, reformat, email, broadcast, reproduced or rout the Information in any way that may prejudice or in the sole judgement of the Service Provider, have the possibility to prejudice the Service Provider's revenues. Subscribers also cannot use, display or disseminate the Information in such a way that substitutes the Service Provider's provision of the Information or to pass on the Information to a third party which could be, in the Service Provider's sole judgement, seen as competition to the Service Provider. When the Subscriber is a company then this applies to all the Subscriber's users and the Subscribing company must take steps to ensure that its Users are aware of and comply with these terms and conditions. Subscribers must also comply with all applicable laws including the infringement of Intellectual Property rights and financial regulations within their domiciled countries.

Any Subscriber can store the Information on its systems for the use of its employees and its business but the number of Users with access to the Information must be no greater than the number stated under a contract or who are authorised to have access via a Free Trial. If the number of employees accessing the internet site and/or receiving emails is greater than the Users under a contract except for those on free trial, then the Service Provider maintains the right to bill the Subscriber or Subscribing company a fee of US$500 per unauthorised User using the Service Provider's Information for each month or part of a month this is occurring, to be billed by the Service Provider quarterly in arrears.

At all times the Information provided by the Service Provider will be identified as Ltd or data, whichever name is attached to the original data and the Service Provider maintains all rights and copyright over the Information.

Any Subscriber who has signed an agreement with the Service Provider, undertakes that it will provide a list of Users of the Information to the Service Provider on demand.

Any Subscriber must delete all Information provided by the Service Provider in the event of a breach of the terms and conditions, except where such Information is required to be kept by regulatory bodies.

Under these terms and conditions, if any breach occurs by the Subscriber or any User including the unauthorised use of the Service Provider's systems or misuse of its passwords and user names then all access by the Subscriber or User to the Information will cease and for a paying Subscriber clause 16 on the multi-user agreement dated from 9 November 2000 will come into effect. The Service Provider will not be liable when a third party has fraudulently used a User's password and the Subscriber acknowledges that the internet is not secure and therefore the Service Provider does not guarantee the Subscriber's privacy.

The Service Provider will not be liable in respect of any damage to a Subscriber's equipment.

The Service Provider maintains the right to offer free trials and to terminate the service once the free trial is over if no agreement is signed.

If Subscribers and Users are unable to agree to these conditions then they must not enter the web sites or receive emails of the Information.

The Service Provider is not responsible in any way for the information provided on any third-party web site which is linked to any of its websites.

With reference to the site, rumours are just that and few of the rumours on the internet pages are official news from a lead-manager or managers of an issue. Also many bond issues will not be launched for numerous reasons. Therefore, while the Service Provider will use reasonable care and due diligence to validate each rumour, there is no representation that Information on the website or emails is correct. By using the website Subscribers accept that the Service Provider is not liable for any inaccuracies on the internet service or emails or the number or absence of rumours.

The Service Provider will, without exception, not reveal any sources of the Information on its internet pages unless the source of said Information is happy for them to do so except where required by regulators in a court of law.

The Service Provider's Information does not offer financial advice, nor does it give or will be construed as offering any buy/sell recommendations.

The Service Provider will at all times make a best effort to provide the Information in a timely manner, but cannot be held responsible for email, electronic, datafeed or internet failure or for any unforeseen occurrence that results in the failure of the Subscriber receiving the Information or the Service Provider providing such a service. Nor shall the Service Provider be liable for any action of failure to take action that is out-side of its control, nor shall it be liable for any actions or damages of any kind arising from the inability to use or use of any of its web sites.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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